Corporate Social Responsibility

The first in a series of "natural" next steps in the course of becoming bigger and better than the competition is to become aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Because Straw Hat was decades ahead of the industry in this area from its beginning, Straw Hat does not have nearly the distance to go as its competition to be "socially responsible."

CSR Mission Statement


Straw Hat Restaurants Inc will pursue achieving commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, the local communities, the environment, its employees, its customers and people in need. Straw Hat Restaurants is committed to facing difficult issues by attempting to select an option that better addresses an existing situation or circumstance honestly with sound business acumen and integrity. Because one of the greatest aspects of CSR is to participate in social good, Straw Hat Pizza will vigorously develop and support business practices that encourage and support:


The desire of Straw Hat Pizza is to certify all restaurant locations as "Green" with the Green Restaurant Association to do its part in becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Straw Hat Pizza will attempt to live up to its responsibilities to society by becoming an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which it does business.