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“A family favorite since 1959”

Good Eats

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Creating World-Famous, Genuine California Pizzas....

We begin with our celebrated crust. In 1959, Straw Hat created the very first California crust pizza. Unlike other regional pizza types, California crust is special, it’s a layered, flaky crust. It’s airy and crispy on the bottom, yet bubbling on top. It has a cracker-like crunch, and is never soggy or limp.

Next, each pizza pie is brushed with Straw Hat’s own secret recipe sauce. It’s a sweet and robust blend of tomatoes, herbs and spices which bursts with California flavor. And it can only be enjoyed at Straw Hat.Then we generously top every pizza with six kinds of Real California Cheese, because six cheeses are six times better than one! Our time-tested combination of naturally aged cheeses was originated by Straw Hat to give each and every pizza the perfect balance of flavor and texture—and delight the most fanatical cheese lovers.

What’s more, only the freshest and finest toppings are allowed on our premises and on our pizzas. Top quality meats and seafood, farm-fresh veggies and select seasonings. We never scrimp when it comes to quality and flavor, and nothing phony-baloney ever goes on a Straw Hat pizza.

And finally, we bake each pizza to our exacting specifications. Our ovens are specially designed and calibrated to achieve pizza perfection; the faultless California Pizza. The crust must be golden brown, flaky and airy, firm on the bottom yet yielding on top. The cheeses must be slightly browned and bubbling, enveloping layers of fresh toppings, cooked just to the precise point.

A beautiful mushroom and pepperoni pizza next to onions, tomatoes, cheese and other ingredients

Straw Hat Facts

Straw Hat Pizza helped to innovate a business attitude over 50 years ago by what today is referred to as “Going Green.” Straw Hat Pizza was a leader in this movement by insisting on using locally grown fresh produce from within 150 miles and making fresh pizza using only all natural ingredients.

There are many facts that separate Straw Hat's pizzas from other pizza.

Straw Hat Pizza:

Gourmet Master Pizzas....

We threw out the pizza rule book when we created our gourmet MasterPizzas! Each of our MasterPizzas are made from special recipes with distinctive sauces and toppings that cant be matched anywhere else. Here are a few favs!

Aloha Chicken MasterPizza

The popular Aloha Chicken Master Pizza is topped with fresh grilled chicken breast, ham, pineapple, bacon, BBQ sauce and our traditional red sauce.

An aloha chicken pizza topped with pineapples, chicken, ham and bacon

Meat-e-or MasterPizza

The Meat-e-or is the meatiest pizza to hit this planet. It’s loaded with premium pepperoni, italian sausage, ground beef, Canadian bacon, and linguica.

The meat-e-or pizza, loaded with pepperoni, sausage, beef, bacon and linguica

Barbecue Chicken MasterPizza

Our Barbecue Chicken Pizza is a masterpiece, with marinated chicken, shredded carrots, red onion, cilantro and smoky BBQ sauce.

A delicious barbecue chicken pizza layed on oh-so-tasty BBQ sauce

Classic Veggie MasterPizza

The time honored Classic Veggie MasterPizza is topped with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives and our traditional red sauce. Artichoke Hearts optional depending on location.

A veggie-lover’s favorite—the classic veggie pizza topped with five different vegetables!

California Veggie MasterPizza

Straw Hat’s California Veggie is a first choice for veggie lovers, with fresh broccoli, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, and cajun spices on our garlic cheese sauce.

The California veggie is our California twist of the veggie pizza

The Works MasterPizza

And don’t forget to try Straw Hat’s Original Works Pizza. It’s our famous combination of nine meats and veggies... salami, italian sausage, pepperoni, linguica, ground beef, sliced ham, fresh mushrooms, olives, and bell peppers on our classic red sauce.

The Works: The pizza with everything but the kitchen sink!

Chicken Bacon Ranch MasterPizza

One of the crowd's favorites, the Chicken Bacon Ranch MasterPizza is topped with marinated grilled chicken, smoky bacon, red onions and tomatoes on our creamy ranch sauce.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch water-wateringly delicious!

Hot Hats

Developed in the 1970’s, our special Hot Hat sandwiches are a great mix of ingredients surrounded by our flakey pizza dough then cooked to perfection in our ovens.

Ham & Cheese Hot Hat

Stuffed with ham and three cheeses

Baja Chicken Hot Hat

Grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce, jalapeños, red onion, and melted cheese

Pastrami Hot Hat

Pastrami and melted cheese

Chicken Bacon Ranch Hot Hat

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, red onion, tomatoes, ranch dressing and cheese

A delicious ham and cheese Hot Hat sandwich with a side of ranch


Don’t forget to start your meal with one of our great appetizers. Can’t decide? We also have an appetizer combo.

Groovy Twists

Our special pizza dough twisted and filled with lots of white sauce, cheese and garlic. Served with ranch dressing.

You can’t stop munching these golden brown groovy twists


Traditional chicken wings in your choice of flavors and served with ranch dressing.

Your choice of regular or boneless chicken wings served in your choice of flavors

Green Bean Crispers

Amazingly flavorful green beans in an onion batter baked to perfection and served with ranch dressing.

A plate of tasty green bean crispers served with a side of ranch dressing

Appetizer Combo

Why choose when you can try them all! Our appetizer combo comes with our groovy twists, wings in your choice of flavor and potato wedges.

Appetizer Combo: perfect for those who can’t choose just one appetizer—you can sample them all!


Or go with a fresh and healthy option...

Salad Bar

Don’t miss our garden fresh salad bar with a variety of fresh items to pick from!

Dozens of fresh ingredients available at our help-your-self salad bar!

Lunch Specials

And if you are looking for a great lunch...

Lunch Deal

All of our locations offer a variety of lunch deals. Get an individual sized two-topping pizza, salad bar and a cold beverage bundled together at a great price.

You’ll find an affordable full-sized meal as part of our lunch deal


Pizza Cookie

An 8" perfect chocolate chip cookie! Served warm for everyone to enjoy!

The perfect desert after your pizza is the scrumptious chocolate chip pizza cookie!
Check the location nearest you for menus of individual stores.