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“A family favorite since 1959”

Santa Maria Straw Hat Pizza

Job Application

This is the job application for the Santa Maria Straw Hat Pizza, and this store only. If you want to apply at multiple restaurants, fill out the application for each store that you have an interest in.

(last four digits)
Are you over 18 years of age?
Do you have a legal right to remain
and work in the United States?
After employment, can you submit proof
of citizenship or legal entry into this country?

Straw Hat References

How were you referred to Straw Hat Pizza?
Have you ever worked for Straw Hat before?


Jobs at Straw Hat Pizza will have hours that will vary from time to time, and the position is dependent upon your being flexible in the hours you can work.


US Military


List previous jobs—start with last employer first:

Employer #1

May we contact?

Employer #2

May we contact?

Emergency Contact


List 2 persons who have known you for at least one year. Do not include relatives or Straw Hat employees.

Reference #1

May we contact?

Reference #2

May we contact?

I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application form if I am considered for employment, and I hereby authorize previous employers, personal references named, or any other person or persons to whom the company may refer to give any and all information regarding my employment or scholastic standing together with any other information, personal or otherwise, that may not be on their records. I also authorize a credit report.

I understand that misrepresentation or omission of the facts called for herein or receipt of unsatisfactory references will be sufficient cause for dismissal if I shall have been employed.

I understand there is a probationary period and that either or us may terminate our work relationship during this probationary period for any reason. I further understand that if I am hired, my employment with Straw Hat Pizza will be on an “at-will” basis which means that my employment may be terminated at any time, with or without cause or advance notice, either by myself or the company. I further understand that the “at-will” nature of employment with the company is one aspect that cannot be changed except by a written document signed by the president of the company. I understand that flexibility in work hours is necessary.