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The Webmaster

Hello, my name is Ryan, and for some bizarre reason, the folks running Straw Hat decided to hire me—me of all people!—to develop this website. You're probably already very disappointed with the hidden link you found—as far as easter eggs go, it's all about me! =)

Here's a little trivia actually related to this website. If you go to the Being Green page, you'll see a couple of pretty pictures of 'locally grown' agricultural land. (They're the same ones on this page.) Truth be told, I don't have any photos of the actual farms where ingredients for Straw Hat pizzas are grown. But don't all farms look more-or-less the same anyhow? To me, they do, and in 2012, I hiked over 1,000 miles through France and and Spain on the Camino de Santiago—which passes farm after farm after farm. So I took these particular photos on the Meseta in Spain of all places! Rest assured, though, that your food isn't really coming from Spain, but I'm more than a little amused to use photos of a farm in Spain to represent locally grown food. =)

Some of my other more noteworthy websites include:

Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

— My name is Ryan, and I approved this message—but nobody has at Straw Hat has. If I asked them, they might tell me no. So shhh..... =)